Callie Marshall, documentary and lifestyle photographer.


Hi, I'm Callie Marshall. I'm an Australian photographer based in Brisbane who loves to work throughout Australia, as well as internationally. I've been taking photos professionally for nine years, and have completed my degree in photojournalism from the Queensland College of Arts.

In these nine years I've been lucky enough to work consistently with artists, musicians, models, companies, as well as everyday people to illustrate my interpretation of the world around me.

Leaning towards an expository, documentary aesthetic, my background in photojournalism means I am able to communicate a deep empathy via my work, even when shooting fashion or lifestyle photography.

I believe that the beauty of photography doesn’t just lie in the posed, planned moments. Some of my favourite shots are the photos that come from nonchalance and comfortability within the framework of a planned shoot. This creative versatility has enabled me to shoot a wide range of incredible projects that I am heavily involved in and passionate about.

My empathy and interest for people’s lives doesn’t surface only in my photography. I have a very friendly, outgoing nature, and I love to get to know everyone’s story. For me, shooting is second nature; a natural extension of myself that I love to explore deeper each and every day.